ecoPortal online toolkit

ACTS has launched a new online toolkit to complement and support the implementation of the LiFE Index within your institution. ecoPortal streamlines monitoring and reporting, freeing up more resources for implementation! Importantly, it provides a highly visual set of tools to engage with your full range of stakeholders, from management to students. This helps bring everyone along on the sustainability journey.

The LiFE Index was developed to provide a shared framework that is adaptable to the diversity of tertiary institutions. To match this flexibility, ecoPortal’s online toolkit is offered in a series of packages that contain the tools needed by institutions at different stages of their sustainability journey. For those starting out, the ‘Assessment Package’ includes the tools to help you assess and track your sustainability performance against the LiFE Index. For those institutions who are on their way already and need customised tools to measure, manage and improve performance, the ‘Performance Package’ has everything you need. When your institution is ready to engage staff, students and other stakeholders in your sustainability programme, the engagement package contains the ideal tools. Each package is prepopulated with the LiFE framework and can be customised to the specific requirements of your organisation.

See what ecoPortal users say:

“ecoPortal provides really easy access to a lot of information and allows staff and students to easily engage in our sustainability programme.”

Carolyn Cox is the Environmental Sustainability Manager at Unitec and led their institution to win the 2013 Green Gown Award Australasia for Smaller Institutions. ecoPortal has helped Unitec achieve their goals including: 67% increase in staff and student awareness, 24% water savings and 33% paper savings.

See the benefits of ecoPortal’s online toolkit


Get a visible strategy

australasian-campuses-towards-sustainability-learning-in-future-environments-ecowheel-laptopIs your sustainability programme untidy and fragmented? Using the LiFE framework you can develop your own unique ecoWheel. It shows where you are now, where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

Inspire increased engagement

Are your people apathetic about sustainability? engagementGetting staff, students and other stakeholders excited about sustainability can be hard work. You need to be an educator, communication agency and motivational speaker, all rolled into one. When ecoPortal’s on your side, it’s so much easier to share your vision, fan the flames of interest and win people to your cause.

Escape from spreadsheet hell

spreadsheetIs paperwork a constant obstacle to progress? The script for spreadsheet hell reads like this: different versions, lost files, late data, inaccurate data, piles of paper. When your day is spent in spreadsheet hell, you’re too busy fighting fires to be the effective sustainability leader you want to be. The best and easiest cure for this diabolical situation is ecoPortal – your data hub heaven.

Get smarter reporting

reportIs reporting eating up your year? Reporting is a critical process, but it can easily occupy too much of your time. When you’re not chasing data from other people, you’re scratching your head about how to express information in a way that works for your stakeholders. ecoPortal takes reporting out of the too hard basket, and gives you more hours and energy for other projects.

Drive faster implementation

implementationDo you struggle to get the ball rolling? If you have a sustainability project that’s stalled on the launch pad or barely moving, ecoPortal can help you to get to the finish line. You’ll have tools that help you to delegate responsibilities, set targets for staff and stakeholders, track progress and inject a shot of motivation whenever it’s necessary.

Measure performance easily

MeasureIs it hard to see and to show how well you’re doing? Within ecoPortal you’ll find everything you need for tracking sustainability performance against the LiFE Index and your own particular KPIs, vision and values. You’ll also find it easy to share your results with your team, staff and students, as well as other stakeholders.

Support Service

Each package comes with a range of support services. Technical support comes with each package while the more advanced ‘Performance’ and ‘Engagement’ packages, include a free monthly checkup to ensure you get maximum value from the online toolkit. In addition, an accelerated implementation support package is available to help you to hit the ground running. This will familiarise you with the ecoPortal toolkit and quickly align this with your own institutional priorities and existing systems. For ACTS members, these support services are provided by Catalyst Ltd, the ecoPortal advisor for the tertiary sector. For more information contact Catalyst here.


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