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The Life Index is all about you and your institution

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Welcome to the LiFE Index

The LiFE Index is all about you and your institution. Designed to help educational institutions manage, measure and improve their social and environmental responsibility performance, the LiFE Index was developed by sector colleagues from the UK, Australia and New Zealand to guide and support you to map your own route to a more sustainable future.

Whatever sustainability looks like in your institution, the LiFE Index will help you identify gaps, focus your resources and set targets to drive change across the whole institution. You can decide to do all of the LiFE Index or just one of the priority areas, it is up to you.

Free to ACTS Members, you now have a powerful new mechanism to stimulate cross institutional dialogue to inspire and drive change.

This website is dedicated to the newly structured LiFE Index. Anyone from an ACTS member institution will be able to access its content using their existing ACTS website login. If do do not belong to an ACTS member institution, or have not registered to get a login, please visit our website and learn about the wealth of member only resources and benefits available to ACTS members.

For more information please contact us.